sábado, 1 de diciembre de 2012

The End!


This is the last post and would like to share with everyone how my learning has been on the top level of English. Finally!

I think the subject ought to be more integrative among college students, ie students of different races that we could share on this subject.

On the other hand I think it is very positive that the number of participants remains small, because in this way it is easier to communicate and learn to speak English without fear.

I think the blog was a good tool to improve my vocabulary and learn to write correctly. It was also a good chance to know the different opinions of my classmates about different topics and also to laugh at the jokes and stories that they told. ahaha.

In the future I think it would be useful to have more material to learn to differentiate auditory words and to communicate better, I think that would be a good idea.

These days the English language comes to me everywhere. From a nice song to the instructions to install internet programs. Gradually I was able to read News on websites (in English) and I can visit websites such as "The Guardian" and improve my reading and vocabulary.

I think it has been a very important subject because it allowed me to access new information sites and learn to communicate better.

Love to all!

Careful what you read!!

This article is about an investigation of 16 month make for The Leveson, tah reports how the British press gives a negative vision about the women's and other minorities: The discrimination against women, inmmigrant, Muslims, homosexuales, etc.

Leveson point out his greatest criticism for newspaper The Sun, The Star and also The Sport. The problem is that the use of the image in the women and the words are very agresive and show womens with an effect demeaning and degrading. ¿Why? because the pictures are about their body and reduced to the women to the sum of their body parts and finally the newspaper treat the women like a sexual object.

At the same time there is a excluder treatment for minorities like muslims and inmmigrant. In the newspapers almost always gives a sensational and unrealistic about the cases of immigrants and religious groups such as Muslims, which is a lack of truth and journalistic ethics.

It is important to mention that newspapers are entitled to have a certain opinion and editorial, but they should not adorn news and submitting false information to the community

The investigation say:
"The evidence demonstrates that sections of the press betray a tendency, which is far from being universal or even preponderant, to portray Muslims in a negative light."

In my opinion the most important thing is to keep a critical perspective when we read any news. That is the best weapon against stereotypes and ignorance

Here the link! 

lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

The best boring movie ever!

I really hate aliens...

The last weekend I reunited with my older cousin, Mauricio and my brother David to watch a movie that in their words was “the best movie of the year”. We bought a lot of food and started to watch at 2AM. The movie was: Prometheus, a science fiction movie with a lot of action and adventure.
Well the movie was about a space ship with people who was research a planet inhabited by big blue human’s aliens… I don’t know… They were fascinated with the film but I just wondering when it ends… First of all I don knew any actor and the story was complete boring for me and the story was very unattractive. I don’t care anything about aliens and gigantic worms in the space! Oh Men’s… Later I understood that this movie was one begging of the alien’s movie (I had never see that film, and I never will hahaha) Anyway It was a very interesting movie.
However I must say that enjoyed a lot the movie because I laughed of the aliens and androids and the talking head that appeared in the film, but more than anything I enjoy spend time with my cousin and brother in our house. We finished to watch it almost at 4 of the morning and began to play in the Xbox ahaha =)

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Crazy Day

I always believed that these political issues are very important and it should be interesting for as because the implications in all areas of our lives.

However I think that the fact to vote or not is not so important like the work that every person make day by day. I realize that the fact to not vote is a position fronts our political system. Since the last year we cut see how the people was not conforming  whit the government, but more than anything people was tired of the same system that make inequality every day.

In a first time I thought in not vote but in my family is a very important event where we say how we want to see our country, city, etc… But for me a student march or protest in a public place say more than a single day of election.

Well, nobody expect elections like this. First to all I want to say how happy I was when I saw in the TV the faces and expressions of the government minister when they realized that people did not approved his work and ideas.. ahaha

The fact that so many people did not vote I think that responds to the discontent of the people and the search of another alternative… I hope it comes soon 

domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

The greatest Chilean of all time!

The singer of the people

Is not easy choose one Chilean to remember… but in this opportunity I would like to write about one of my favorites. Víctor Jara.  He was born on September 28 in San Ignacio. He was the son of farmer parents and had 4 brothers.

Victor Jara studied acting at the Drama School of the University of Chile, and was a musician, songwriter, teacher and theater director. He was militant in the Community Party and a leader of the protest song. He made ​​many contributions to the Chilean culture. Throughout his life he worked like director and composer, and during the government of Salvador Allende, Jara worked as Cultural Ambassador

The most remarkable  of his character was the link that he made withtheir peers, with his people. Her singing was not only for him but for young people, children and the poorest.

After the putsch in 1973 Víctor Jara was arrested and tortured by the special forces of Chile. He died on September 16, but his artistic legacy lives on. He certainly was an icon of Chilean music and a living testimony to the popular artistic creation.

His songs have traveled the world and today thousands of young people sing and live his music every day.
Here I give you one of his most beautiful and famous songs, is unquestionably a symbol of unity, tolerance and solidarity.

Practice Time!

In this activity I could put my skills in practice, I followed instructions and resolve questions of reading comprehension. The activity consisted of several items.

First it was a selection of about 50 sentences in English that I had to be completed properly. In another item of "reading comprehension", I read a text and then I choose the most appropriate response. At the same time this activity allowed to me to identify verbs and words unknown, so I could increase my vocabulary. There was another item: "listening". I heard conversations and interviews, and then answer multiple-choice questions about that.

For me, the hardest part is reading comprehension, because the alternatives presented were very similarities so... It was difficult to discriminate, in fact, several times I had to look a dictionary and the verb list available on the blog. On the other hand I think the easiest part was to "listening" because the dialogue of the players was pronounced correctly and also there was the option of repeating the recordings.

Well, I think it was a good activity because it allowed evaluate me in many ways, and it was something different to what we always do on the block ... I hope to have better results next time.

lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

My Singer Friend


I think I will never forget one of my most loved gifts. It was when I was 21 years old; I was spending the weekend alone away from my family because I had to study for my final exams. Fortunately one of my closest and dearest friends at the time stayed with me to study.

When were the twelve o'clock, he took from "I do not know where" a chocolate cake and sang to me “Happy Birthday”. I was very sensitive, so I cried a little.

The next day, in the afternoon, my friend invited an ice cream at a little place in the center; I walked down a hallway and through the door… All my college friends were there, singing and laughing. We ate cake and we had a nice time.

When we (my friend and me) got home, he gave me his gift. It was a CD with my favorite songs sung by him. He used his guitar and his beautiful voice to record ten of my favorite songs. I cried even more, lol…

I still have your gift, but I don't hear it long time ago, I think that is because it makes me sad to think that we are no longer friends. But I still love him and remember always


lunes, 1 de octubre de 2012

A Beautiful Campus

Lalalalalalalalá ...

When I go to the University for the first time I was very nervous and scared because it was the first time that I was far away of my parents, but at the same time I was happy to know new people.

When I came to Santiago to study Psychology I had a lot of expectation about the discipline and about the University. The first time that I visited the Campus I fell in love immediately, I liked all, the building, the gardens, the paintings in the walls, the people, everything. I remember that I was walking and next to me it was a group of students singing a song that al like to much, so… I took that like a good signal.

I don’t remember what the first class I had was, but I do remember very clearly the first class that I liked. It was a Social History class, all the class was together and one of the teachers in charge started to about the Chilean economic history (so boring I thought) but I laughed and learnt a lot.

I spoke with a lot of people in my first day, but I can remember what exactly I did. What I most remember that the first two month I knew so many people and I made friends that actually love so much. <3

lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

September in the country!

Hello everyone, in this post I am going to tell you about my lovely holydays in the country with my family the last week. Well, is tradition in my family reunite with all the cousins (we are seven), aunts, uncles, and my grandmother and grandfather to celebrate and share in the holidays. During this week of relax me and my cousins prepared some activities and games to spend a good time together. We played a few volleyballs matches, dance cueca wearing the typical costume, played ping pong (I was the best of the woman’s haha) and we organized a travel in bike since our country house to the lake, I think that would be like a 30 kilometers. But the good of this holiday was not just the activities, also the foooooooood!!!! Is tradition too that my grandmother make a delicious empanadas (I help her), my father is in charge of the barbecue, etc. And my mission was to make the Chilean disserts: alfajores, mote con huesillos and empolvados. 

I really enjoyed this time out of Santiago, and out of the stress of the University, but especially I enjoyed spend time with my little cousin. His name is Nicolás, he has six years old and we are very close, he even call me “Nanita” because I am always with him and we play with the dogs, and play football or something like that ahaha. Well… I hope to can reunite with my family in the country house very very soon. =)  

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

The best friend in the world

Is difficult to me pick just one friend to talk about, because actually I have a lot good friends, but I going to tell you about a very special friend that I love so much and missed every day. In the 2008 I went to the medical school and studied medicine for two years.  I had 19 years old and I was really scared to live alone in a new city and stay without my parents. I felt very lonely some times.

One day, I and my class mattes had to study for a very difficult test and I had no idea for a particular topic of the evaluation, so I asked to a boy about the metabolisms of the glucose 
and he teach me (now I don't remember anything ahaha). There I met to my best friend, Andrés. He is (still now) the person who makes me laugh more in the world. I really do not know if we have so many things in common like the most of the friends, but Andrés is the person who knows me better, and I enjoy spending time with him:listening music and singing (He play guitar very bad!). I even enjoy watching his horrible and boring movie's and eating the all refrigerator when I go to his home. Ahaha!

Actually I don’t see him so much that I wish. He continues to studding medicine in Valparaíso and I am here in Santiago, very happy in psychology. In the weekend we talk hours at the phone, but I don’t see him since March of this year. I will travel to visit him in the September Vacations, so I very very happy!! =)

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Run Fran, run!

Hello everyone, in this post I will tell all you about my first semester this year!

It was very crazed to start the year with evaluations and classmates, but was at the same time very fun go for an ice cream after the class ha-ha.

In this semester I started to read about a specifically area of psychology called psychoanalysis thanks a friend (Manuel, hi is the best) who introduce me in the theme and show me text and blogs that It was very funny.

One month ago I started to train for the marathon, when I will run 10 kilometers in the beautiful city of Valparaíso. I really hope no to die in the half of the race, so I have to keep train. I actually run three and four kilometers in the week and five o six in the Sunday. In the beginning I finished very very tired, but now I can say that I do it a lot better.

Another thing that I learn is make cakes and desserts, I have to say that I was a really good learner, and all my family enjoy my little hobby

Actually I have proposed read more. Not just text and books about psychology, I mean read about other themes and especially literature. I enjoyed so much read novels in the school and comments with my friends… I think that is an excellent way to spend free time instead of spends hours and hours watching very baaaad series of television.

Well…. I hope this year ended happy and with a lot of present Christmas

lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

Santiago's best place!

What I like most of Santiago is the activities and different people that I can know. For example always is a recital or concert to, there is so many musical and cultural events to assist, there is for all the prices and tastes. At the same time I very disliked the noise and smell of the subway in the pick hours, morning frequently. And the people are always running again the clock and forget to be kind and smile for little’s things. I think that the brown sky when there are so many contaminations is the ugliest things in the world. 

I change many things of Santiago, first I will make more green areas to invited to the children’s and parents to share and make a family place. I also think that the Universities (there is so many) should to open to the community and their students can make activities for them.

If you visit Santiago you can go to the “Bellavista” neighborhood with all the bars and restaurant. There you can meet people from other cities and countries to. Also you can go to the “Bustamante Park” if do you like green areas.

Personally my favorite place is a little chocolate store next to the a old library, I am living in the city for almost two years and the Saturday I go there and buy a box of mint chocolate and spend two or three hours checking the old books, I think that the smell of the books remind me my grandfather and that is why I like. The guy in the store is very nice and kind to. Near of there you can find a store with the best ice cream of the world and so many flavors.  

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Assange Case

Assange Case

think that is a very complicated case, because there have all the eyes of the world in to a single man and his work. Actually Julian Assanges is in the embassy Ecuadorean like a political prissioner.
I think tath Assange is inocent because nothing can be accused and be gulty for say or show the truth, especially when it comes about the big commands in the politic world. At the same time I belive that the Ecuatorians are right to offer political assignmen because each country have the right to protect who has the same ideas or ideology.
The scandal wikileaks has been so big for all the countrys involve and the consequences at politic level. Probably the case will end in many years and as result of the presion at the people.
Personally I will ask him if he would do it all again, and if all the scandal and world impact of his case is worth.