lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

Santiago's best place!

What I like most of Santiago is the activities and different people that I can know. For example always is a recital or concert to, there is so many musical and cultural events to assist, there is for all the prices and tastes. At the same time I very disliked the noise and smell of the subway in the pick hours, morning frequently. And the people are always running again the clock and forget to be kind and smile for little’s things. I think that the brown sky when there are so many contaminations is the ugliest things in the world. 

I change many things of Santiago, first I will make more green areas to invited to the children’s and parents to share and make a family place. I also think that the Universities (there is so many) should to open to the community and their students can make activities for them.

If you visit Santiago you can go to the “Bellavista” neighborhood with all the bars and restaurant. There you can meet people from other cities and countries to. Also you can go to the “Bustamante Park” if do you like green areas.

Personally my favorite place is a little chocolate store next to the a old library, I am living in the city for almost two years and the Saturday I go there and buy a box of mint chocolate and spend two or three hours checking the old books, I think that the smell of the books remind me my grandfather and that is why I like. The guy in the store is very nice and kind to. Near of there you can find a store with the best ice cream of the world and so many flavors.  

lunes, 20 de agosto de 2012

Assange Case

Assange Case

think that is a very complicated case, because there have all the eyes of the world in to a single man and his work. Actually Julian Assanges is in the embassy Ecuadorean like a political prissioner.
I think tath Assange is inocent because nothing can be accused and be gulty for say or show the truth, especially when it comes about the big commands in the politic world. At the same time I belive that the Ecuatorians are right to offer political assignmen because each country have the right to protect who has the same ideas or ideology.
The scandal wikileaks has been so big for all the countrys involve and the consequences at politic level. Probably the case will end in many years and as result of the presion at the people.
Personally I will ask him if he would do it all again, and if all the scandal and world impact of his case is worth.