lunes, 12 de noviembre de 2012

The best boring movie ever!

I really hate aliens...

The last weekend I reunited with my older cousin, Mauricio and my brother David to watch a movie that in their words was “the best movie of the year”. We bought a lot of food and started to watch at 2AM. The movie was: Prometheus, a science fiction movie with a lot of action and adventure.
Well the movie was about a space ship with people who was research a planet inhabited by big blue human’s aliens… I don’t know… They were fascinated with the film but I just wondering when it ends… First of all I don knew any actor and the story was complete boring for me and the story was very unattractive. I don’t care anything about aliens and gigantic worms in the space! Oh Men’s… Later I understood that this movie was one begging of the alien’s movie (I had never see that film, and I never will hahaha) Anyway It was a very interesting movie.
However I must say that enjoyed a lot the movie because I laughed of the aliens and androids and the talking head that appeared in the film, but more than anything I enjoy spend time with my cousin and brother in our house. We finished to watch it almost at 4 of the morning and began to play in the Xbox ahaha =)

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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH nice post, francisca! i think the same about this movie, only with see the photo i started to laugh a lot

  2. It is very funny that you got so bored. I was a bit disapointed with prometheus. I went to the cinema and paid 3D but I only enjoyed the first half of it. I really like the main actor. who is also in the movie I wrote about.

  3. by the way, I also enjoy playing x box, but the kinect stuff. It is only 2 or 3 times a year that I have the time, though :(