domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

The greatest Chilean of all time!

The singer of the people

Is not easy choose one Chilean to remember… but in this opportunity I would like to write about one of my favorites. Víctor Jara.  He was born on September 28 in San Ignacio. He was the son of farmer parents and had 4 brothers.

Victor Jara studied acting at the Drama School of the University of Chile, and was a musician, songwriter, teacher and theater director. He was militant in the Community Party and a leader of the protest song. He made ​​many contributions to the Chilean culture. Throughout his life he worked like director and composer, and during the government of Salvador Allende, Jara worked as Cultural Ambassador

The most remarkable  of his character was the link that he made withtheir peers, with his people. Her singing was not only for him but for young people, children and the poorest.

After the putsch in 1973 Víctor Jara was arrested and tortured by the special forces of Chile. He died on September 16, but his artistic legacy lives on. He certainly was an icon of Chilean music and a living testimony to the popular artistic creation.

His songs have traveled the world and today thousands of young people sing and live his music every day.
Here I give you one of his most beautiful and famous songs, is unquestionably a symbol of unity, tolerance and solidarity.

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