lunes, 8 de octubre de 2012

My Singer Friend


I think I will never forget one of my most loved gifts. It was when I was 21 years old; I was spending the weekend alone away from my family because I had to study for my final exams. Fortunately one of my closest and dearest friends at the time stayed with me to study.

When were the twelve o'clock, he took from "I do not know where" a chocolate cake and sang to me “Happy Birthday”. I was very sensitive, so I cried a little.

The next day, in the afternoon, my friend invited an ice cream at a little place in the center; I walked down a hallway and through the door… All my college friends were there, singing and laughing. We ate cake and we had a nice time.

When we (my friend and me) got home, he gave me his gift. It was a CD with my favorite songs sung by him. He used his guitar and his beautiful voice to record ten of my favorite songs. I cried even more, lol…

I still have your gift, but I don't hear it long time ago, I think that is because it makes me sad to think that we are no longer friends. But I still love him and remember always

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