domingo, 4 de noviembre de 2012

Practice Time!

In this activity I could put my skills in practice, I followed instructions and resolve questions of reading comprehension. The activity consisted of several items.

First it was a selection of about 50 sentences in English that I had to be completed properly. In another item of "reading comprehension", I read a text and then I choose the most appropriate response. At the same time this activity allowed to me to identify verbs and words unknown, so I could increase my vocabulary. There was another item: "listening". I heard conversations and interviews, and then answer multiple-choice questions about that.

For me, the hardest part is reading comprehension, because the alternatives presented were very similarities so... It was difficult to discriminate, in fact, several times I had to look a dictionary and the verb list available on the blog. On the other hand I think the easiest part was to "listening" because the dialogue of the players was pronounced correctly and also there was the option of repeating the recordings.

Well, I think it was a good activity because it allowed evaluate me in many ways, and it was something different to what we always do on the block ... I hope to have better results next time.

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