lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

September in the country!

Hello everyone, in this post I am going to tell you about my lovely holydays in the country with my family the last week. Well, is tradition in my family reunite with all the cousins (we are seven), aunts, uncles, and my grandmother and grandfather to celebrate and share in the holidays. During this week of relax me and my cousins prepared some activities and games to spend a good time together. We played a few volleyballs matches, dance cueca wearing the typical costume, played ping pong (I was the best of the woman’s haha) and we organized a travel in bike since our country house to the lake, I think that would be like a 30 kilometers. But the good of this holiday was not just the activities, also the foooooooood!!!! Is tradition too that my grandmother make a delicious empanadas (I help her), my father is in charge of the barbecue, etc. And my mission was to make the Chilean disserts: alfajores, mote con huesillos and empolvados. 

I really enjoyed this time out of Santiago, and out of the stress of the University, but especially I enjoyed spend time with my little cousin. His name is Nicolás, he has six years old and we are very close, he even call me “Nanita” because I am always with him and we play with the dogs, and play football or something like that ahaha. Well… I hope to can reunite with my family in the country house very very soon. =)  

lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

The best friend in the world

Is difficult to me pick just one friend to talk about, because actually I have a lot good friends, but I going to tell you about a very special friend that I love so much and missed every day. In the 2008 I went to the medical school and studied medicine for two years.  I had 19 years old and I was really scared to live alone in a new city and stay without my parents. I felt very lonely some times.

One day, I and my class mattes had to study for a very difficult test and I had no idea for a particular topic of the evaluation, so I asked to a boy about the metabolisms of the glucose 
and he teach me (now I don't remember anything ahaha). There I met to my best friend, Andrés. He is (still now) the person who makes me laugh more in the world. I really do not know if we have so many things in common like the most of the friends, but Andrés is the person who knows me better, and I enjoy spending time with him:listening music and singing (He play guitar very bad!). I even enjoy watching his horrible and boring movie's and eating the all refrigerator when I go to his home. Ahaha!

Actually I don’t see him so much that I wish. He continues to studding medicine in Valparaíso and I am here in Santiago, very happy in psychology. In the weekend we talk hours at the phone, but I don’t see him since March of this year. I will travel to visit him in the September Vacations, so I very very happy!! =)

lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

Run Fran, run!

Hello everyone, in this post I will tell all you about my first semester this year!

It was very crazed to start the year with evaluations and classmates, but was at the same time very fun go for an ice cream after the class ha-ha.

In this semester I started to read about a specifically area of psychology called psychoanalysis thanks a friend (Manuel, hi is the best) who introduce me in the theme and show me text and blogs that It was very funny.

One month ago I started to train for the marathon, when I will run 10 kilometers in the beautiful city of Valparaíso. I really hope no to die in the half of the race, so I have to keep train. I actually run three and four kilometers in the week and five o six in the Sunday. In the beginning I finished very very tired, but now I can say that I do it a lot better.

Another thing that I learn is make cakes and desserts, I have to say that I was a really good learner, and all my family enjoy my little hobby

Actually I have proposed read more. Not just text and books about psychology, I mean read about other themes and especially literature. I enjoyed so much read novels in the school and comments with my friends… I think that is an excellent way to spend free time instead of spends hours and hours watching very baaaad series of television.

Well…. I hope this year ended happy and with a lot of present Christmas