lunes, 18 de abril de 2011

My Free Time

My Free Time

In my week I have a few hours of time that I spend with my family, the most of the time I am in the University, studding or reading.  During the week spend my free time with my friend, I like go to shopping in the mall and also go out for a ice cream or walk in the park.

I study since 8:30 of the morning to 6:00 pm. I have many hours of classes so when I finished try to go home and take a rest.

When I am in home a spend my time listening music in the meanwhile I study, also I watch TV series online in my computer, and when I have more hour free I love watch movies and cook cookies for me.

Two times a week I have to get any exercise, so I like to walk and go to the gym every time that I can. And every weekend I go to walk in bike with my cousins and play ping pong in their country house.
In the last time I have been to the cinema once, but what a love most is goes to music concerts of my favorites groups. Also I like go to the theatre but I do not go a lot.

When I was a child I played tennis and skating with friends in the gym next to my house. When I was 15 years old I start to paint, first with tempera and watercolors and with the time I learned to use oil in a big paintings.

I would like learn to play any musical instrument, like piano or guitar but is difficult because demand so many time and required practice.

Wilhelm Wundt

Wilhelm Wundt was the creator of the first laboratory of science psychology in 1879, and sense that moment the shows up the psychology like a science, because before it was just a specialty of the philosophy. Wundt was a professor of medicine and human physiology in the germane University o Leipzig, and was interested in resolve problems physiologic and also problems philosophic, that form the basic the psychology.
Philosopher, physiologist and psychologist, was the founder of structuralism. In this laboratory studies the sensations, a very basic level like the heat and cold. Wrote the bookFoundations of Physiological Psychology”, one of the most cited books in psychology.
 For Wundt, there are two essential aspects of behavior: the objective (what we see and feel) and subjective (how we perceive what we perceive). Wundt's conception of psychology was always controversial.

What he has done?

All the Wundt's publications at over 490 works, which one of are on average 110 pages long. Wundt published in 68 years seven works a year, making him probably the most prolific scientist of all time
Wundt wrote 53,735 pages in total. This means "writing for 100 years without stopping with 500 pages per year." He write about human and animal psychology, the language of gestures, etc.
His book more important was “Foundations of Physiological Psychology”

Why I believe that is so important?

I think that is such a important person because he was the creator of the first laboratory for studies of psychology and his book “Principles of Physiological Psychology”, are considered fundamentally important texts in the field of psychology.