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Careful what you read!!

This article is about an investigation of 16 month make for The Leveson, tah reports how the British press gives a negative vision about the women's and other minorities: The discrimination against women, inmmigrant, Muslims, homosexuales, etc.

Leveson point out his greatest criticism for newspaper The Sun, The Star and also The Sport. The problem is that the use of the image in the women and the words are very agresive and show womens with an effect demeaning and degrading. ¿Why? because the pictures are about their body and reduced to the women to the sum of their body parts and finally the newspaper treat the women like a sexual object.

At the same time there is a excluder treatment for minorities like muslims and inmmigrant. In the newspapers almost always gives a sensational and unrealistic about the cases of immigrants and religious groups such as Muslims, which is a lack of truth and journalistic ethics.

It is important to mention that newspapers are entitled to have a certain opinion and editorial, but they should not adorn news and submitting false information to the community

The investigation say:
"The evidence demonstrates that sections of the press betray a tendency, which is far from being universal or even preponderant, to portray Muslims in a negative light."

In my opinion the most important thing is to keep a critical perspective when we read any news. That is the best weapon against stereotypes and ignorance

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