lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Crazy Day

I always believed that these political issues are very important and it should be interesting for as because the implications in all areas of our lives.

However I think that the fact to vote or not is not so important like the work that every person make day by day. I realize that the fact to not vote is a position fronts our political system. Since the last year we cut see how the people was not conforming  whit the government, but more than anything people was tired of the same system that make inequality every day.

In a first time I thought in not vote but in my family is a very important event where we say how we want to see our country, city, etc… But for me a student march or protest in a public place say more than a single day of election.

Well, nobody expect elections like this. First to all I want to say how happy I was when I saw in the TV the faces and expressions of the government minister when they realized that people did not approved his work and ideas.. ahaha

The fact that so many people did not vote I think that responds to the discontent of the people and the search of another alternative… I hope it comes soon 

2 comentarios:

  1. Dear friend, I think the majority are discontent too and I hope in the future the political are happy people and like that, they will make a good job.

  2. You have reason, the people did no vote, because they are discomfort.